Marketing - Ray Campbell : Realtor®
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Exceptional marketing is what it takes to break thru the barage of clutter.
This is how I use my 25 years of Marketing Expertise to work for you.


Local Network :  Working for Rodeo Realty, Inc (Top 5 brokerages in Los Angeles) it’s not hard to build a large and influential network of like-minded people. We all love real estate.  And we are ALL looking for exceptional  properties.


Direct Marketing: The first salvo is DM.  A well-crafted email is blasted out to investors and home buyers looking for exquisite property.  This is an exclusive list of movers and shakers who are always investing in real estate.


Print Campaign:  Beautiful brochures and flyers are created to hand out to prospective buyers.  A well-designed print ad is created for the Los Angeles Times.  And then we back it all up with an ad in the MLS Brokers Caravan.


Social Media:  This is where the magic truly happens. Utilizing YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, we hit the streets with a dazzling feed of  beautiful imagery and marketing that will definitely open doors and close deals.


International Exposure:  The great thing about having Rodeo Realty, Inc backing you is the international exposure. Your property will automatically be featured in luxury real estate websites in Asian and Europe.


Public Relations:  Having a good PR team is essential to leveraging your exposure.  At Rodeo Realty, Inc, our PR department will automatically send out a press release to all the major media players. From Variety to WSJ to Architectual Design.  We’ll do the coverage.